HR and Payroll

Cooperation with professional human resource managers enables us to meticulously take care of HR and payroll matters, such as:

  • Compiling monthly list of payroll
  • Compiling evidence of payslips, advances collected for income tax (PIT-11) for the employees
  • Preparing complete documents and managing any matters related to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • Maintaining personnel files
  • Compiling employment contracts, civil contracts, contracts of commission, and other documents related to employment
  • Compiling certificates of employment
  • Preparing records of working time, including: sick leave, leave of absence, and holidays

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We are open
from Monday to Friday,
between 8 am to 4 pm

al. Karkonoska 10
Building of the Radio Wrocław, room nr. 102
53-015 Wrocław