We support our clients in solving all accounting matters, which includes providing advice in order to help make important decisions concerning the performance of the firm, such as:

  • Explanation and clarification on the legal, accounting, and tax unclarities
  • Providing clarification and explanation in ongoing tax and accounting cases
  • Clarifying the matters concerning The Code of Commercial Partnerships and Companies
  • Preparing and applying for business registration
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the process of switching from revenue and expense ledger to accounting records
  • Counseling and indicating the most optimal form of taxation for the particular business entity
  • Assistance in maintaining formalities in limited liability company:
  • Maintaining share register, keeping a book of resolutions, Assembling and submitting resolutions of the board and shareholders, preparing draft resolutions, taking minutes of General Meetings)
  • Assembling and submitting resolutions of the board and shareholders;

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We are open
from Monday to Friday,
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