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Accounting and taxes

Below you can find the full spectrum of activities that we provide in the scope of our accounting services:

  • Managing accounting ledgers and account books following the accounting laws
  • Compiling annual balance sheets and financial statements
  • Consultancy in the matters of implementing accounting policies and establishment of charts of the accounts
  • Managing revenue and expense ledger
  • We prepare evidence of tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs
  • We prepare the declaration required for property tax
  • We prepare declarations on civil law transactions, records of fixed assets, immaterial and legal assets along with equipment
  • Making out the tax declarations required by respective authorities
  • Preparing other registers, evidence, statements, and reports in compliance with the client’s needs

HR and Payroll

Cooperation with professional human resource managers enables us to meticulously take care of HR and payroll matters, such as:

  • Compiling monthly list of payroll
  • Compiling evidence of payslips, advances collected for income tax (PIT-11) for the employees
  • Preparing complete documents and managing any matters related to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • Maintaining personnel files
  • Compiling employment contracts, civil contracts, contracts of commission, and other documents related to employment
  • Compiling certificates of employment
  • Preparing records of working time, including: sick leave, leave of absence, and holidays

Financial analysis and management accounting

We carry out the projects dedicated to financial and management accounting, along with supporting the processes of planning and governing in the field of:

  • Cost accounting, economic analysis of enterprises based on account books
  • Designing the schemes of financial statements (reports, financial ratios) for internal and external recipients
  • Preparing periodic reports regarding the data of the client’s financial condition
  • Planning the accounting policy, corporate chart of accounts, scheme of documents supervision and circulation
  • Preparing business plans and strategies


We support our clients in solving all accounting matters, which includes providing advice in order to help make important decisions concerning the performance of the firm, such as:

  • Explanation and clarification on the legal, accounting, and tax unclarities
  • Providing clarification and explanation in ongoing tax and accounting cases
  • Clarifying the matters concerning The Code of Commercial Partnerships and Companies
  • Preparing and applying for business registration
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the process of switching from revenue and expense ledger to accounting records
  • Counseling and indicating the most optimal form of taxation for the particular business entity
  • Assistance in maintaining formalities in limited liability company:
  • Maintaining share register, keeping a book of resolutions, Assembling and submitting resolutions of the board and shareholders, preparing draft resolutions, taking minutes of General Meetings)
  • Assembling and submitting resolutions of the board and shareholders;

Office, banking administrative procedures

We represent the client before administrative courts and authorities and provide the following services:

  • Creating statistical reports for the Main Statistical Office (“GUS”);
  • Representation of the Client and conducting the affairs during the tax audit
  • Representation on behalf of the Client and conducting the affairs during the ZUS control
  • Composing and preparing documents required to make an annual balance sheet to the National Court Register ( “Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy”)
  • Preparing loan applications and periodic reports for the banking institutions
  • Signing the tax declarations on behalf of the client and handing them over to the proper institutions (Inland Revenue, Social Insurance Institution)

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