About the company

Bookkeeping office AKURATNE  provides comprehensive services for small and medium-sized business entities, located and operating in the Lower Silesian and Opolskie Voivodeships. Our principle and philosophy are all about facilitation – making things simple and easy. We believe that our clients are absorbed by their businesses’ performance, thus little or no time is left to attend to the bookkeeping matters. You can confide in us and be assured that we properly cover all the matters connected with the accounting of Your firm. Several clients have appreciated such an approach and sustained with us over many years.

In 2016 we changed the brand name to AKURATNE Biuro Rachunkowe, while remaining under the business name of the limited liability company- Dobre Idee.

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Jarosław Potoczny

Founder of the Dobre Idee Ltd., Jarosław Potoczny, has graduated from the faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finance, at the University of Economics in Wrocław. His bachelor thesis covered the subject of accounting policy of firms, whereas the master’s thesis – cost analysis. He has successfully taken five exams in order to become a chartered public accountant.

He has been managing and keeping accounts of minor and middle-sized firms for over 20 years. His experience in bookkeeping, interpretation of the regulations, and skills in financial analysis are material to the company’s performance. Throughout his career, he has held positions as a Chief Accounting Officer and a Chief Financial Officer.

Jarosław Potoczny has been granted an accounting certificate No. 19702/00, issued by the Minister of Finance, enabling him to maintain accounting books. Moreover, he owns mandatory liability insurance in the field of the bookkeeping business.

About the company

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